LSD&FC has been providing forensic support to the Nigeria Police, Lagos State Judiciary and the Public since 2017. Below is a summary of the types of cases supported since September 2017.

Forensic & Relationship Cases Performed at LSD&FC


Forensic Cases

Relationship Cases


Total No. of Cases: 33

Type of Case

Alleged Homicide: 12

Alleged Sexual Assault:7

Alleged Burglary: 2

Alleged Burglary & Homicide:2

Alleged Suicide:2

Suspicious Stains: 2

Suspicious Death: 2

Alleged Burglary/Suspicious Death:1

Alleged Defilement: 2

Alleged Attempted Homicide, Alleged Sexual Assault, Alleged Burglary,
Alleged Homicide :1

Total No. of Cases: 140

Type of Case

Court Ordered paternity case:33

Peace-of-mind paternity case: 107


Total No. of Cases: 66

Type of Case

Alleged Homicide: 7

Alleged Sexual Assault: 31

Alleged Burglary: 5

Attempted Burglary:1

Alleged Attempted Suicide: 2

Suspicious Death:1

Alleged Suicide: 1

Alleged Burglary/Homicide: 2

Disaster Victim Identification:12

Unidentified Remains:2

Forgery: 2

Total No. of Cases: 128

Type of Case

Court Ordered paternity case:10

Peace-of-mind paternity case: 118


Total No. of Cases: 4

Type of Case

Medical Malpractice: 1

Unexplained Death: 1

Alleged Defilement: 1

Alleged Infidelity: 1

Total No. of Cases: 23

Type of Case

Court Ordered paternity case:2

Peace-of-mind paternity case: 21